Does Your Vehicle Transmission Spin Then Launch You? Get In To A Transmission Repair Shop Fast

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When you press on the gas pedal and you can feel the transmission spinning, but it hesitates to go and then shifts gears and launches the vehicle, it is time to get the vehicle inspection. This is a safety concern and your vehicle could break down at any time.

The transmission gears are locking or stripped, and an auto transmission repair mechanic will need to get under the hood. Here are a few of the things to consider when getting the unit repaired or replaced.

Cost to Evaluate and Vehicle Value

The cost to repair a transmission is not just the actual repairs, but it's also the work that is included getting to the transmission. There are components that need to be removed, and it can take hours to get into the transmission to evaluate what is wrong.

You want to know the value of your car, so you can be sure that it's worth spending the money and taking the time to fix the transmission before you get the labor bill of getting under the hood and the transmission to see what is wrong.

Repair or Replace

You will have to get a quote to repair the transmission. When you are looking at this cost, you will need to consider these options:

  • Purchasing a new transmission for installation
  • Finding a used transmission from a car with other damages
  • Using a rebuilt transmission

The cost for a used option if your car may not last years long may be the most practical option for you, the vehicle, and the budget.

Transmission Specialists

Be sure to start by getting your vehicle looked at and evaluated by mechanics who work daily with transmissions. This is a costly and important component on your vehicle, and you want to find a shop that has mechanics that are familiar with the repairs that are needed.

The benefit of going to an automatic transmission repair shop is also that they may have the components that are needed to repair the transmission readily on stock. They also already have a source for ordering new units, getting used options, and finding rebuilt options, so there are many options for your budget and your repair needs.

If you are worried about the safety of driving your vehicle and there are complications because the transmission is slipping or shaking, you want to get in right away. You need to get the vehicle fixed before you have an accident or break down.